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Advent 2018     Emphasis:  World Hunger

As we watch, wait and pray, let us be mindful of the world in need.



This Advent season let’s :

Spread HOPE


Share JOY


By joining the ELCA World Hunger campaign via cash donations or, ELCA Good Gifts Catalog and God’s Global Barnyard

December 3     Devotional Study:  The World Is About to Turn   Decorate the Narthex Tree:  Hats, Scarves, Mittens, Be an Angel, and Animal Ornaments!  Advent Calendars and Coloring Books for Adults & Children! Prepare the way of the Lord!                          

God’s Global Barnyard     ELCA World Hunger Info     Good Gifts Catalog




Why and How Lutherans are Advocates


Local Advocacy Efforts Include:  

May 30, 2017  Springfield IL

Rally for a People and Planet First Budget


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