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Immanuel Lutheran Church

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Devotions for Lent 2017fee-indeed

Every Household at Immanuel to receive one!

 Martin Luther wrote his Small Catechism for the home. Parents could then explain Christian faith to their children. It was first published in 1529. These basic questions and answers have guided and continue to guide people and the church for 500 years and beyond.

Just as Luther designed the Small Catechism for use in the home, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) has designed this pretty pocket-sized book Free Indeed to focus on the elements of the Catechism.

Each day will have a quotation to ponder, an evocative image to study as well as a reflection and a prayer. The five writers of reflections are brining their unique voice and wisdom to the day’s reading. The prayers included in the text can add a new dimension to our prayer life.

For those of us, as adults, who have not reviewed these building blocks of the faith we share since adolescence, this is an opportunity to visit them again and see with fresh eyes the profound yet simple foundation of faith. What new insights will we find as we take the journey of lent? How will these thoughts guide us to Easter?

Jesus’ life, death and resurrection set us free to love and serve our neighbors—We are free indeed!