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Adult Bible Study

A study of the Gospel of Matthew

with Pastor Monte.  


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Adult Bible Study 2017

Thursday February 9 to March 9

 10:00 AM  




Paul’s Letter to the Romans: Grace for Everyone

Bible Study Thursdays 10:00 AM February 9 to March 9

Immanuel Lutheran Church 1500 W Elmdale

Few doubt that Romans is the masterpiece of Paul’s writings. Many see this work

standing like the Alps high above the New Testament books that follow the Gospels.

Something as large as a mountain range, will give every traveler a different view, a

variety of routes to trek. The book is richly filled with Paul’s ideas and complex

discussion in vivid detail. Paul’s work is an glimpse of not only who God is, but is a

revelation about God’s self, God’s purposes and God’s plan for everyone. Paul’s

revelation is that God’s purposes and plans are fulfilled through Israel and Jesus the

Christ to the whole of humanity and for the future purposes of God.

Paul invites the Romans and us to see beyond the daily present and notice the

activity of God. Everyone agrees that this is a “work of massive substance,

presenting an intellectual challenge while offering a breathtaking theological and

spiritual vision.” (N.T. Wright, British New Testament Scholar. St. Mary’s College, St.

Andrews University, Scotland.)

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  1. Rimon Said #

    The Bible Study at Immanuel church was started by Rev. Rimon Said in September of 1993 at the time when pastor Said had started his internship at Immanuel church.


    November 30, 2015

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