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Adult Bible Study

A study of the Gospel with Pastor Monte.  


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Adult Bible Study 2017

Thursday October 12 to November 16

 10:00 AM  




The Gospel of Mark


Immanuel Lutheran Church 1500 W Elmdale

The first full gospel written, probably around 70 in Rome, the unsigned gospel according to Mark proclaims the meaning for believers of Jesus and his death. The author does not claim to have been in Jesus’ circle.
Like other literary works from antiquity, Mark is written as a circle: the conclusion (16:8) returns the reader to the beginning, and the focus of the book is at its center (9:30-50). Chapters 10-16, nearly half of the gospel, deal with the last week of Jesus’ life. In Mark 13, Jesus describes in traditional metaphoric imagery the disastrous coming of the end of time. For several centuries, Jewish expectation of the end had anticipated a Son of Man, an eschatological judge hovering between earth and heaven who would vindicate the righteous and punish evil-doers.
For Mark, the eschaton (the end of the divine plan, the “end times”) has begun in the events of Christ’s life.  “We don’t look forward to it with dread, because we don’t look forward to it at all. Yet Advent calls us to hope for the coming of Christ. This positive hope comes from knowing that we already belong to Christ and already live in communion with him and each other. Through grace we are made ready meet Christ, both in our daily lives and at the day of judgment.”  -Linda L. Grenz, in Homilies for the Christian People Publeo Publishing, 1989

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  1. Rimon Said #

    The Bible Study at Immanuel church was started by Rev. Rimon Said in September of 1993 at the time when pastor Said had started his internship at Immanuel church.


    November 30, 2015

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