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On the Way

A process of spiritual growth and renewal

Inquire. Explore. Prepare. Discover.

“We are not now what we shall be, but we are on the way.”
–Martin Luther


A relaxed time of sharing stories. Life of faith and everyday life.

The roles of grace, belief, worship, service and community in our lives.


An opportunity to study, pray and experience the landscape of the Christian life in the Lutheran Tradition.

A “sponsor” from the congregation joins you in your journey as you discover scripture (the Bible) , the creeds (belief statements) and the liturgy (formats) used in worship.


Deepen your understanding of Baptism (sacrament of admission and adoption)  and the Eucharist (Holy Communion-sacrament of intimate spiritual sharing between all believers and Jesus).

Taking a look back at how God is active in our life and world and looking forward to Baptism if you are not baptized or Affirming your baptism if you are baptized.


Recognize the gifts that God has already given to you and exploring how you may use these gifts in service to God and to others.

Explore what it means to live out your baptism in daily life.

Each step On the Way is an opportunity to gather around the Word of God and reflect on our relationship with Jesus Christ.

The end of each milestone is marked by a specific rite or ritual of the church.  Our journey follows an ancient process of welcoming adult believers to the church.  For those not baptized, it is initiation. For the baptized it is a way to deepen faith and strengthen ministry.

Your questions, your doubts, your hopes are all welcome here.  We will search for answers together.

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