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The Forum

forum    Forum Logo 2015

[fawruh m, fohruh m]          Syllables

noun, plural forums, fora [fawruh, fohruh]

  1. The marketplace or public square of an ancient Roman city, the center of judicial and business affairs and a place of assembly for the people.
  2. A court or tribunal: the forum of public opinion.
  3. An assembly, meeting place, television program, etc., for the discussion of questions of public interest.
  4. Also called online forum, Internet forum, Web forum, message board.

If you enjoy a cup of coffee and some lively discussion, please come to The Forum.

Topics cover an impressive range of subjects.  Some are comforting, some are controversial, all are interesting.

The Forum is led by four lecturers:  the Rev. Dr. David Henry, Dr. Ken Olson, Pastor Monte Johnson, and Dr. Richard Anderson, with occasional guest speakers. There is no charge for the classes, and no registration is needed.  On a few occasions, there may be a little homework.

Join us on Sundays, September through May. 

Visitors and new participants are always welcome.

Time:  September – May        Starting 9/17/17

Program  12:15 – 1:30 p.m.


Founders Hall
Immanuel Lutheran Church
1500 W. Elmdale

Upcoming Topics:  



4/8/18 What Can We Learn from Bonhoeffer?  Leader:  Richard Anderson

4/15/18 A World of Sharp Knives:  The Political Background of the Reformation  Leader:  Ken Olsen

4/22/18 Immanuel’s Mission:  Godly Play  Leader:  Natalie Warden

4/29/18 Immanuel’s Mission:  Supporting Education  Leader:  Edie Lange

5/6/18 Is Everybody Happy?  Is Anybody Happy? (Looking at the World Happiness Report)  Leaders:  Ken Olsen and Richard Anderson

5/13/18 Immanuel’s Mission:  Youth Ministry Leader:  Pastor Emily Heitzman

5/20/18 We Have Met the Enemy and Them is Us:  How Christianity is Destroying America  Leader:  Richard Anderson

5/27/18 Immanuel’s mission:  Health and Wellness  Leader:  Marcia Smith, Parish Nurse

Recent Topics:

11/19/17  The Second Reformation–Pietism in Europe and America  Leader:  Richard Anderson

11/5/17  The Role of Women in the Reformation  Guest Leader:  Professor Anna Johnson

10/29/17  Healing the Wounds for Christian Unity  Guest Leader:  Greg Krohm

10/22/17 Reformation Heritage in Africa: Focus Tanzaniz   Leader:  Brian Ibsen

10/15/17  Katharina Luther  Guest Leader:  Madeline Lund

10/8/17  Who Was Johannes Bugenhagen?  Guest Leader:  Professor Kurt Hendel

9/24/17  Reformation Heritage in Music  Leader: Cantor Daniel Schwandt

9/17/17  The Catholic Reformation  Leader: Richard Anderson

4/23/17 & 4/30/17  Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

5/14/17 Facing Death and Grief

5/28/17 How should the Church spend its money?

6/11/17 Jacob Riis and the power of images

5/22/16 Illinois Budget Crisis and Moral Mondays

6/19/16 Racism in the Churches: ‘We need to talk’  Leader: Pastor Emily Heitzman

6/26/16  Advances in Genetic Research   Leader: Ken Olsen

2/28/16 Mental Health Justice Issue AwarenessPastor Fred Kinsey



Teaching Staff                                


Islam:  It’s Time to Stop Telling Lies   Facts and Figures of Islam  

Climate Change:  Climate Change: “Just the facts, Ma’am”

Ethics:  Ethics and Politics

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