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Immanuel’s Mission, Vision and Values, by God’s grace, will be building blocks to build God’s sanctuary mission among us.  Mission is following the Risen Christ into the world, and joining the Resurrected one in the renewal and reconciliation of every child of God and all creation. In a time of fear and the unknown for the church in the world, and for Immanuel, God’s Spirit has given us a plan to move forward in faith.report8c

Each of us will find different ways to connect to God, our source and savior.  As we discern our particular role in the sanctuary of hope and grace, our search leads us back to our source.  In this way our life is one of faith formation and a journey on The Way, which is what early believers called the church.  As with any journey, there are starts, stops, doubts and detours.  It makes the life of faith a joyous work of faith formation.  What opportunities for faith formation would you like to explore?

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