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Edgewater Public Art -- Mural at Bryn Mawr and Lake Shore Drive

Edgewater Public Art

Why is it important for us to participate and be involed in our community?

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“The ELCA is a church that believes God is calling us into the world — together. As part of this call, we seek the common good for society, provide moral vision and are committed to addressing social and cultural injustices and issues. The ELCA participates in God’s just and loving purpose for all of creation in many different ways, from the daily actions of members as citizens, to efforts in social service, to public witness for justice.

In response to God’s gracious love that seeks justice, the ELCA equips and nurtures us for our callings in the world, fosters social service and ministries of mercy, encourages learning and moral deliberation around social and cultural concerns, enacts social teaching and policy documents, interprets and applies social policy, and partners with agencies, organizations and institutions dedicated to service and justice.”

At Immanuel, our walk matches our talk. our Mission, Vision and Values recognize this is an important strategic asset at Immanuel. Our church is engaged and responsive to neighbors needs through tutoring, after-school, playgroups, and community justice work. These activities communicate to tell our neighbors more than words ever could what Immanuel is all about and together we are planning to expand these activities in the coming years.

love god love others serve the worldOur mission is to become  A Living Sanctuary of Hope and Grace. We draw inspiration from the indwelling spirit of Christ and from one another. We are a temple, not made with hands, stronger together and made more ready to serve, whether it is with an extended hand or soft embrace. We are strengthened for our journey each week with the living presence of God through excellent worship and music, thoughtful study and prayer . As we walk the way of the cross in service to the world, we continue to find joy in learning always to be better disciples of Christ.

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