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What to Expect on Sundays


Here are Word, water and table.

Here is God’s message from

generation to generation.

Here is the invitation to go deeper 

in holy communion with God.

Here is the intimacy of God’s love

that makes us all part of each other.



Holy Communion Worship: 10:30 AM

Healing Service (2nd Sunday/month): 11:30 AM

Godly Play Sunday School: 11:20 AM

Coffee Hour:  11:45 AM

The Forum (Discussion): 12:45 PM



10:30 AM Holy Communion. Worship around the altar.  Less formal than the rest of the year.

Nursery Services are provided for children 0-5 years of age upstairs near the gym beginning at 10:00 AM.  The stairs up to the gym are to your left as you enter the main church doors.

S7307296  Coffee and Conversation follow the worship service on the courtyard lawn.  If weather does not permit, then coffee and conversation are in the Founders Hall space on the main floor across the entry hall (Narthex) from the worship space (Sanctuary).

Nursery Services:

On Sunday nursery services are provided for children 0-5 years of age, beginning at 10:30 AM

Where to Park:

On Sunday’s parking is available at Senn High School one-half block South of the church.

Accessible parking is on the East side of the building on Greenvielw.

Here is God’s plan at work to transform the world.

Again and again, week after week, year after year like countless believers in the past and in the future

we encounter the ancient and Living God at worship. This renews our lives and transforms us into a

living sanctuary of hope and grace. We are united in God’s love for us in Jesus. Faith made active in love

for others opens doors for all people to expereience God’s love hidden in Christ.  

This is the source of our hope. 

Our work of living out God’s love includes study, prayer, reflection and service.

We are committed to Taking Faith Home. 

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