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Adults Serve



Care for Real Food Drive


We’re making brunch for how many?!


Flower arrangments for shut-ins.


Immanuel’s art studied and discussed.

Faith Based Activity Contact
On the Way a process of spiritual growth and renewal to welcome new believers and to deepen faith and life in Christ led by Pastor Monte and specially trained volunteers. Pastor Monte Johnson
Bible Study weekly day-time discussion and review of the lectionary led by Pastor Monte Pastor Monte Johnson
Adult Forum weekly Sunday morning discussion of a wide variety of faith and daily life topics led by trained volunteers Richard Anderson
Women of Spirit service organization of women helping others within and outside the congregation. Mary Johnson
Task Forces groups of volunteers to help with projects and activities including worship, communications, Godly play etc. Madeline Lund
Immanuel Seniors meeting twice monthly for age appropriate exercise and programs designed by the Parish Nurse
Moral Monday 6-1-15

Pr Emily and Pr Fred at a Moral Monday action


Pr Monte and Rep Jan Schakowsky at a Moral Monday action

Outreach Activity Contact
160+ Events an outgrowth of Immanuel’s anniversary which plans and offers events for participation such as Graceland Cemetery Tour, The Art of He Qi Exhibit, Community Service Picnic etc. Richard Anderson
Buddy’s Book Club read and discuss notable works of interest Jackie Tajari
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