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Godly Play (Sunday School)

Godly Play:  We Are Entering God’s Story.

godly play at prayer 2015

Godly Play at Prayer 2015

In our culture, children are too often manipulated by media and consumerism. They are bombarded by pressures to possess, achieve and perform.

In Godly Play, they are given a few simple words, simple images and deep quiet. They are asked to sit in a circle and listen. They are asked to imagine and wonder and play. They are invited to meet with their Creator and Redeemer in God’s own story.

Godly Play: Sunday’s 11:20 AM to 12:15 PM 

GodlyPlayLogoNew2 copySeptember to May 

No Godly Play December 24 or December 31


Teachers that have learned and experienced Godly Play, feel that this is what worship is to be for all of us. We are invited to enter God’s story and find ourselves there. We then become God’s story.  Godly Play isn’t the only way to engage with the story of God in community, but it is one powerful tool for a community of children.

Find yourself in God’s Story.   Become God’s Story.

Children under 4 are welcome in the Nursery, which is open at 9:40 a.m., and remains open during the worship service and adult coffee hour.

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